Content Strategy and Research Services

My content strategy and research services answer three fundamental questions for busy entrepreneurs:

  • First, what content do you have on your website and is any of it outdated?
  • Second, are there any gaps in your content that could be attracting new prospective customers?
  • Third, what content are you going to write, publish, and promote in the next 90 days?

If you do not have an answer to these questions, then you can use my help. A content strategy helps your business make more sales and improve your website's search engine ranking.

Here are the content strategy and research services that will boost your website results:

1. Site Content Audit and Report

A site content audit and report is a comprehensive examination of the main web pages, articles, and blog posts that you have on your website. It begins with a content inventory and then judges every piece of content on several key performance indicators. It is the best way to review your website to determine what you need to add, update, or remove.

This annual report helps you decide:

  • Where to focus your future content marketing and search engine optimization efforts.
  • Which changes you should make to future and existing content to improve your lead generation, marketing, and sales.

The scope of the site audit and report depends on how large your site is and whether you would like to extend this audit to other marketing channels. As this service includes reviewing and reporting on every piece of content on your website, you will have plenty of valuable information to decide what is working and what needs changing in your content marketing strategy.

2. Blog Editorial Calendar Creation

A blog editorial calendar is a visual workflow of the content that you want to publish on your website. I look at the areas of opportunities on your website to select topics that close content gaps and improve your website's search engine rankings. From there, I create an editorial calendar that outlines the information you need to track while creating content including publishing date, author, SEO keyword, and more.

With a blog editorial calendar, you will always know exactly where you and your writers are in the content publishing process. Your buyer's journey, how often you want to publish content, and your business objectives are just a few of the considerations that determine which content to add to your editorial calendar. Plus, it will be simple to manage and update the calendar as you publish content or expand to new areas.

Are you ready to get help with your site content audit and blog editorial calendar? Contact me to discuss your content strategy and research needs.

Here's how my content strategy and research services work

To perform a site content audit and report or build a blog editorial calendar, I will need to understand your business and your target market. Before starting the audit and research process, we will discuss:

  • Setting up editor access to your website.
  • Your ideal customer based on your buyer's personas.
  • Analytic and conversion data reports using Google Analytics and other resources.
  • Your competitors and whether you want to take their content marketing strategy into consideration.
  • How often you want to publish content.
  • Who on your team is responsible for publishing content.
  • Which content formats you would like to publish on your blog.
  • The business objectives you need to create content for.
  • Which metrics to track on your content audits based on what is bringing your business the most success.

As you can tell, there is a lot to discuss before starting the content strategy and research process. Thus, it is important to work in the way that you prefer. We can discuss these topics over the phone, in an email, or on a video conferencing call.

Once I understand your business and target audience, I will start on your content audit and reporting or your blog editorial calendar. You will receive a complete audit report or editorial calendar and I will show you how to get the most benefit from both resources.

Here's how I price my content strategy and research services

The investment you make to have a clear content marketing strategy in place depends on several factors, including:

  • The size of your website, including the number of articles and blog posts to audit.
  • How many types of content data you want to include with your audit.
  • The number of articles and blog posts you want to publish each week.
  • What period of time you would like your editorial calendar to cover.

With that in mind, here are the starting prices for the services I offer:

  • Site Content Audit and Report - $1,500 per website
  • Blog Editorial Calendar Creation - $750 per calendar
  • Existing Product and Service Page Updating - $250 per page
  • Article and Blog Post Content Creation - $250 per article
  • Home Page SEO and Sales Copywriting - $1,500
  • New Category Page SEO and Sales Copywriting - $500 per page
  • Lead Generation Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages - $350 per page
  • Ebooks, White Papers, and other Special Report Lead Magnets - $1,500
  • Autoresponders and Funnel Email Series - $150 per email
  • Stand-alone Promotional Email Copywriting - $250 per email
  • Social Media Page Management - $1,500 a month
  • Social Media Ad Campaigns - $500 per ad campaign

Ready to build a better content marketing strategy?

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