Email Copywriting Services

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to connect with existing and prospective customers. But, are you making the mistake of not testing your emails to see which messages bring you the best results?

If you need assistance sending ongoing content to your email list, then I can save you time and help you make more sales in the process. Here are the two email copywriting services that I offer to busy entrepreneurs:

1. Autoresponders and Funnel Email Series Copywriting

Educate your subscribers on your business, explain new products and services, and announce promotions using autoresponder and funnel email series.

Both autoresponders and funnel emails nurture your audience and have the power to transition people from subscribers to customers. Have you taken the time to create email series and email flows that keep prospects aware of your business?

If you struggle to create email content and are not sure how often to send emails to your subscribers, then I can help. Together we will create email marketing autoresponders and funnel emails that your subscribers enjoy reading and engaging with, using tested advertising methods.

2. Stand-alone Promotional Email Copywriting

Do you have a promotion coming up that you do not want your subscribers to miss? Make sure you have a professional email copywriter review your messaging to maximize open rate, click-through rate, and sales.

When you send a stand-alone promotional email or an email series about a promotion, it is important that you create an effective offer. I can help you craft offers using a subject line, headlines, copy that converts.

One of the differences of my work versus another copywriter is that I always make multiple versions of my promotional emails. That way you can A/B split test to see what works best with your audience and we can maximize your results. Doing this is one of several factors for creating a successful stand-alone promotional email.

Do you have ideas for an email series or stand-alone email? Contact me to discuss your email copywriting needs.

Here's how my email copywriting services work

Writing autoresponders and promotional emails begin with an understanding of your business and your target audience. Before I start the writing process, we will discuss:

  • Your business and your goals for your email marketing campaigns.
  • Background information regarding your ideal customer and customer personas.
  • Information on your upcoming promotion, autoresponder messages, or funnel flow.
  • Access to your historic email marketing campaigns and results.
  • Which email service provider you use, and which features you utilize.
  • Examples of email marketing from yourself or competitors that you really like.
  • How you built your list and how often you currently communicate with them.
  • Other information that helps build high converting sales copy.

We will work together in the way you prefer. This can include discussing your project over email, through a video conferencing call, or on the phone.

Once I understand what you would like to achieve, I will start the writing process. You will receive polished first drafts of all emails to review.

After you provide feedback, I will update the emails with your suggestions and send you the final versions. From there, I can help set up email marketing autoresponders, funnels, and stand-alone campaigns to save you time.

How do you price your email copywriting services?

The investment you make on quality email marketing content and sales promotion email copywriting depends on several factors, including:

  • How many emails you would like to send.
  • The average length of your typical email marketing campaign.
  • Whether you would like help building campaigns and split tests.
  • Your industry, how you gained your email subscribers, and the size of your email list.

With that in mind, here are the starting prices for my conversion-focused email marketing copywriting services:

  • Autoresponders and Funnel Email Series - $150 per email
  • Stand-alone Promotional Email Copywriting - $250 per email
  • Existing Product and Service Page Updating - $250 per page
  • Article and Blog Post Content Creation - $250 per article
  • Site Content Audit and Report - $1,500 per website
  • Blog Editorial Calendar and Post Series Creation - $750 per calendar and $150 per post
  • Lead Generation Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages - $350 per page
  • Ebooks, White Papers, and other Special Report Lead Magnets - $1,500
  • Sales Letter Copywriting - $2,000 (plus royalties)
  • New Product and Service Page Copywriting - $500 per page
  • Social Media Page Management - $1500 a month
  • Social Media Ad Campaigns - $500 per ad campaign

Ready to send better emails?

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