Social Media Marketing Services

Social media gives us the ability to connect with a wide audience of people who take interest in your products and services. But are you struggling to stay active on every social media site and failing to achieve the growth you deserve?

As a busy entrepreneur, you likely cannot spend several hours a day building relationships on social media. That is why I help you save time and maximize growth using these two social media marketing services:

1. Social Media Page Management

Organic social media growth comes from posting relevant content and connecting with others. But, how can we put your social media growth on autopilot?

If you need someone to manage your business profiles, then we should work together. I will save you time by writing a series of social media content for the week and scheduling it to publish each day.

Before and after publishing social media posts, I also monitor your social media accounts and connect with people. By sharing content your business publishes, responding to social media fans, and connecting with others in your niche, you can achieve steady growth.

This service includes 10 hours of posting, monitoring, and connecting with people on all your social media platforms each week. It is the easiest way to stay active on social media. By working with a conversion-focused copywriter like myself, you will attract more business prospects from your social media campaigns.

2. Social Media Ad Campaigns

Social media ad campaigns can take your profiles and your business to the next level. How are you currently leveraging the power of low-cost social media ad campaigns?

There are social media users throughout the world that are waiting to learn about your business. Together, we can make campaigns that grow your fan base, get more visits to your website, and sell more of your products and services.

Plus, social media ad campaigns are great for any budget. You can get results for a few dollars a day, just like you can with several thousand dollars a day. If you are ready to grow your business, then we need to talk.

Curious about creating a social media marketing strategy? Contact me to discuss how to grow your business using social media.

Here's how my social media marketing services work

Before ever starting a social media campaign, I need to understand your business and your target audience. We will start by discussing these topics.

  • Your ideal customer and customer personas.
  • Your content marketing strategy and how to integrate it into your social media marketing.
  • What you would like to achieve from social media management or social media ad campaigns.
  • How many social sites you currently use.
  • Results from past campaigns and posts.
  • Which tools you currently use to publish on social media.
  • Which landing pages you send social media users to most often.
  • Demographic and analytic information from your social pages and previous campaigns.
  • Other topics that will ensure social media success.

We will discuss these questions in the way you most prefer. We can email, talk on the phone, or use video conferencing to discuss your business.

Once I know what you would like to achieve with social media, I will begin writing content for direct publishing or ad campaigns and get your feedback.

After receiving feedback, I will make any adjustments to the social media posts or campaigns and schedule content for publishing. As we see what works best with your audience by tracking results, we will tweak your social media strategy, as necessary.

Here's how I price my social media marketing services

The investment you make to grow your influence on social media and attract prospective customers depends on several factors, including:

  • What types of content you would like to publish on social media.
  • How many profiles you need management for.
  • How often you would like to publish content.
  • Whether you would like help improving conversions and building landing pages specifically for your social media marketing campaigns.

With that said, here are the starting prices for my conversion-focused copywriting services.

  • Social Media Page Management - $1,500 a month
  • Social Media Ad Campaigns - $500 per ad campaign
  • Article and Blog Post Content Creation - $250 per article
  • Site Content Audit and Report - $1,500 per website
  • Blog Editorial Calendar and Post Series Creation - $750 per calendar and $150 per post
  • Lead Generation Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages - $350 per page
  • Ebooks, White Papers, and other Special Report Lead Magnets - $1,500
  • Autoresponders and Funnel Email Series - $150 per email
  • Stand-alone Promotional Email Copywriting - $250 per email
  • Sales Letter Copywriting - $2,000 (plus royalties)
  • New Product and Service Page Copywriting - $500 per page
  • Existing Product and Service Page Updating - $250 per page

Ready to put your social media growth on autopilot?

Fill out the form below or send me an email at to discuss your copywriting needs. I look forward to learning about your upcoming project and I will send you a reply within 24 hours.